Two black Virginia state legislators have protested that Gov. Charles S. Robb deliberately left blacks off the guest list for a luncheon Sunday at the late President Lyndon B. Johnson's ranch in Texas.

"It's not a question of me personally," said state Sen. L. Douglas Wilder, D-Richmond. "My only concern is that blacks be included."

The guest list contained the names of Virginia executives and state lawmakers.

Del. William P. Robinson, D-Norfolk, joined in the complaint. "When they need us, when they need black people to vote, we're very easy to find," he said. "But when the sun goes down, it's time for us to go home."

"This is 1983," Wilder said, and when blacks do not appear on guest lists at political gatherings, "it's conscious."

He said Robb, when confronted earlier this week, gave him an oral invitation to the gathering at Stonewall, Tex.

Robb's press secretary, George Stoddart, denied Wilder's accusations.

He said those invited to the luncheon were Virginians on the mailing list of the Southern Governors Association. That group, headed by Robb, will begin a three-day meeting Monday in Austin, Tex.

Stoddart said he did not know how many people were invited to the luncheon and added that the guest list was private.

He said he understood the list included individuals who had attended previous conferences or who were to attend this year.