The following were among the actions of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors at its Sept. 26 meeting:

PARKING VIOLATIONS--Requested a reevaluation of county parking violation fees. Members of the board felt that the current fines are not deterring illegal parking.

SHERIFF RAISE--Raised the salaries of county deputy sheriff positions to equal county police salaries.

C&P RATE INCREASE--Asked the consumer protection staff to represent the county before State Corporation Commission to try and limit the proposed rate increase for telephone service. The board also requested a reevaluation of the county telephone tax and its effects on consumers in the face of C&P's increases.

ZONING ORDINANCE--Adopted a proposal to go before the General Assembly that would allow the county to prosecute zoning violations in civil, rather than criminal courts.

TRUCKS--Restated intentions to ask the state and the Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation to allow restrictions of truck traffic on residential roads. The board added new roads to a list of locations where truck traffic is potentially hazardous to pedestrians.

CONDOMINUM RENTALS BY NIGHT--Discussed reports that condominium owners may be renting their units by the night without abiding by hotel regulations, or considering impact on other condominium owners and neighbors. Ordered staff study in its legality.

R--RATED MOVIES--Discussed the possibility of enacting an ordinance that would prohibit showing R-rated movies in video stores in the county. Asked the county attorney to determine whether the board has authority to limit such showings.

NONSMOKING IN RESTAURANTS--Discussed negotiations with local restaurants to establish nonsmoking areas in restaurants.

The following are among the items are on tonight's agenda for the Fairfax County School Board meeting. The meeting will be at Jackson Intermediate School, 3020 Gallows Rd., Falls Church.

Resolution recognizing Oct. 9-15 as National School Lunch Week.

Citizen comment.

Present quarterly employment report and approve the appointments made for April 1 to June 30 1983.

Approve petty cash disbursements for July and August 1983.

Approve appointment of Ada M. Marshall, Kathleen R. Scott and Mahmood Sheikh as deputy clerks of the School Board.

Approve award of contract to R.E. Lee Electric Co., Inc., to repair and upgrade McLean High School stadium lighting.

Discussion of revised child-care leave policy for employes.

Approve student assignments to schools.

Consider turning over to the county the former Annandale, Drew Smith and Lillian Carey elementary schools and a portion of the James Lee Media Center for $615,000 in county funds.

Approve the FY 1983 final budget review.

Recommendation to approve School Board legislative program for the 1983-84 school year.