A handful of Lincoln Park residents pleaded before Rockville's City Council Monday night to do something about their "drug-infested" neighborhood.

"There have been loud noises, crap games, and people urinating in yards, lounging on sidewalks and tearing down fences," said Dorothy Waldron, of Lenmore Avenue. "I've lived here for 17 years and have been harassed for the last seven."

Another resident of Lincoln Park, a long-established enclave of black residents located off Hungerford Drive, said he has seen drug dealings take place in plain view. One transaction occurred behind a city police officer's back, he said.

Residents said teen-agers gather daily at the corner of Lenmore and Frederick avenues "from around 10:30 a.m. to 2 a.m." Police estimated that 60 percent of the youngsters are from the immediate area.

Rockville City Police Chief Jared R. Stout said that, outside of routine patrols, there is little action police can take unless they actually see someone breaking the law.

"Our role is limited," Stout said.

Council members asked City Manager Larry Blick to look into the feasibility of hiring additional officers, or of reassigning an officer to patrol the area regularly.

"I think the problem can be corrected," Blick said.