A study by the FBI on the disappearance last June of Kimberly Mileo has prompted police to say publicly for the first time that they believe the Kettering woman was murdered.

Frustrated county homicide detectives took all of their evidence in the case to the FBI behavioral sciences unit in Quantico, Va. earlier this month in an attempt to find new leads in the case. Yesterday, Capt. James Fitzpatrick, commander of the county's major assaults division, said the FBI report says in part that if a murder has occurred, the offender is likely to be someone who was close to the victim. Fitzpatrick said county police believe Mileo was murdered.

The report, a psychological profile of the offender, theorizes that he may now be feeling very guilty because he did not mean to kill Mileo.

The profile suggests that the offender is burdened by the knowledge that Mileo did not have a proper burial, but is afraid to tell where the body is. According to the FBI report, the offender's habits may change noticeably and he may become more emotional and withdrawn.

Most significantly, Fitzpatrick said, the burden of guilt may push the offender to talk to someone about the murder. Police hope that if this happens, the confidant will inform police.

June 9, the date 20-year-old Mileo disappeared, she is presumed to have gotten into her car at 2:30 a.m. and left the home of her boyfriend, 24-year-old Dana Hudson, who lives at 16411 Mount Calvert Rd. in Croom. Family members have said they assumed that Mileo was heading to the house near Upper Marlboro that she shared with her father and stepmother.

But the next evening, one of Hudson's friends found Mileo's car parked along a wooded area on Croom Road about 10 miles south of the Hudson home and in the opposite direction of her own house in Kettering. The car was locked, but police found her purse, keys and one shoe inside.

Police and friends searched the surrounding area for several days, but found no trace of Mileo.

Police are continuing the investigation with no strong leads. They have offered a $16,000 reward for information on the whereabouts of Mileo's body. Police ask that anyone with such information call them at 735-1111.

"We want anything that will help us in this case," said Fitzpatrick. Police have used FBI profiles before, he said, but he declined to say whether or not they have led to the solving of a murder.