A Northwest Washington man was arrested Wednesday and charged with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of a 22-year-old Jamaican immigrant Oct. 10 as he left a downtown nightclub.

Bobby (Slu) Williams, 20, was arrested on the murder charge at an apartment at 3541 11th St. NW by a special drug enforcement unit of the U.S. Park Police that entered the apartment on a drug raid.

Williams was charged in a federal warrant in the killing of Patrick Gray, who police said was the leader of a Jamaican street gang that had been feuding with another group. Gray was shot as he left a nightclub on F Street NW.

Park police had obtained a search warrant for the 11th Street apartment after an undercover officer made a purchase of marijuana, according to Lt. Hugh Irwin, commander of the tactical selective criminal enforcement unit. Police then learned that Williams frequented the apartment and arrested him as he entered the building, Irwin said.

Two other adults and two juveniles also were arrested on various drug charges. Another man was charged with disorderly conduct, Irwin said.

Seized was a pound of marijuana, almost $2,000 in cash and an undisclosed amount of cocaine and packaging materials, police said.