Even the red carpet was covered with a red carpet at the Maharishi International University College of Natural Law yesterday when the pope of Transcendental Meditation came to town.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi met the media and several hundred eager disciples at his movement's headquarters at 1111 H St. NW to explain how to solve the world's problems.

The Maharishi attracted worldwide attention in the 1960s when a number of celebrities, including the Beatles, embraced his Transcendental Meditation techniques, which he has subsequently built into an international educational conglomerate with centers in this country and Western Europe.

Robed in white and seated crosslegged on a white divan, the Indian guru began. "It is possible without long delay to have the problems of the world solved," said the man who was introduced as "perfect graciousness . . . the most original and brilliant mind of this generation . . . the Einstein of world consciousness."

"The key word to solving problems is natural law," the smiling Maharishi continued.

"When you find problems in a nation, they have their basis in law," national law, as it turns out, because "the national law is a violation of natural law."

What to do? The answer couldn't be simpler.

"If the violation of natural law is the basis of all problems. . . then nonviolation is the solution to all problems."

To the surprise of no one, least of all the several hundred carefully groomed young men and women meditators in the audience, the answer is Transcendental Meditation, the 20-minutes-twice-a-day meditation technique the Maharishi or his followers will gladly, for a fee, teach you.

"Transcendental Meditation opens the mind to the unified field" of all the forces of nature, he said. "Through the unified field, we have access to the switchboard of all creation."

Noting that he borrowed the "unified field" idea from nuclear physics, he explained that "the unified field technique means the application of Transcendental Meditation in different areas of life. . . the application of transcendental consciousness to all areas of life."

Since the technology of the unified field can solve "all problems of all kinds, of all nations, on all levels of life," the guru continued, "it is not necessary for any government to continue its days in problems."

To help the uninitiated, the Maharishi offered a clutch of flow charts full of arrows and boxes and pyramids culminating, in one of them, in "Invincibility for the Nation."

But neither chart nor guru offered any help for when Invincible Nations collide.