Washington area motorists are advised to be alert for traffic disruption on the following roads in the coming week, according to traffic and highway officials: THE DISTRICT NORTHWEST

CANAL ROAD NW--Closed to outbound traffic between Foxhall Road and Arizona Avenue during nonrush hours because of work on trees.

CONNECTICUT AVE. NW, 1330--West curb lane blocked at all times because of building construction. Construction also reduces westbound traffic on N Street to one lane between Connecticut Avenue and 19th Street and southbound traffic on 19th Street to two lanes between Dupont Circle and N Street.

EASTERN AVENUE NW--Lanes will be narrowed to one in each direction between 14th and 16th streets NW because of street repairs. The construction is expected to last at least until spring.

H STREET NW--Lanes will be reduced from six to four during nonrush hours between Ninth and 10th streets because of gas and plumbing work. The project is scheduled to be completed in two to three weeks.

I STREET NW, 1444--Two lanes closed at all times because of building construction.

KUTZ BRIDGE (Tidal Basin)--Eastbound traffic on Independence Avenue will be reduced from three to two lanes between 15th and 17th streets NW because of bridge redecking. The project is scheduled to be completed by next summer.

M STREET NW, 1600-2300 block--One or two lanes are closed at various intervals for building construction. Most lane closures are during off-peak hours, except for one lane closed at all times in the 2300 block.

NEW YORK AVENUE NW--Two lanes closed from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and one lane closed at all times between 13th and 15th streets NW.

ROCK CREEK PARKWAY--Traffic on Beach Drive between Piney Branch Parkway and Park Road/Tilden Street will be inbound only from 7 to 9:30 a.m., outbound only from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. and closed at all other times because of bridge redecking through November.

SEVENTH STREET NW--Northbound traffic between I and M streets NW will be rerouted to Sixth Street because of Metro construction, scheduled to continue through February.

14TH STREET NW--One lane closed between E and F streets NW at all times because of building and remodeling of the National Press Building.

16TH STREET NW--Lanes will be reduced from four to three during rush hours and two at all other times between Emerson and Kennedy streets and between Military Road and Alaska Avenue because of street repairs.

16TH STREET NW, 1200 block--One southbound lane closed at all times between Dupont Circle and M Street NW because of building remodeling.

20TH STREET NW--East curb lane between M and N streets NW will be closed at all times because of new building construction. NORTHEAST

EAST CAPITOL STREET, NE--One lane will be blocked between 55th and 57th streets NE during nonrush hours because of Metro maintenance work. Work is scheduled to continue for several weeks.

FRANKLIN STREET BRIDGE--Will be closed until December 1984 for reconstruction. Suggested detour routes are Rhode Island Avenue, Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street.

NEW YORK AVENUE NE--Bridge over Anacostia River is undergoing reconstruction that restricts the northbound lanes from three to two. The project is scheduled to be completed by February. MARYLAND

U.S. RTE. 50--The Vienna Bridge, midway between Cambridge and Salisbury, will be restricted to one-lane traffic for deck repairs through November.

MINK HOLLOW ROAD BRIDGE--The bridge that connects Howard and Montgomery counties on Mink Hollow Road is closed for reconstruction. Alternative routes are Brighton Dam Road to the north and Rte. 108 (Sandy Spring Road in Montgomery, Clarkesville Pike in Howard) to the east.

RTE. 301--The bridge across the Mattawoman Creek, between Prince George's and Charles counties, is restricted to two narrow lanes while the bridge is redecked. MONTGOMERY COUNTY

RTE. 28 (MONTGOMERY AVENUE)--The bridge across I-270 is narrowed from four to three and two lanes for rebuilding. The bridge's rough surface, coupled with heavy use of this interchange at rush hour, is causing minor delays.

GEORGE WASHINGTON MEMORIAL PARKWAY--One lane is open to serve both directions for a half a mile between 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. about 2 1/2 miles north of Chain Bridge. Flagmen are on duty to direct traffic.

SANDY SPRING ROAD (RTE. 198)--Road widening between Columbia Pike in Burtonsville and I-95 in Prince George's County is causing slowdowns. Two lanes are kept open at all times.

SEVEN LOCKS ROAD--Road widening between MacArthur Boulevard and Lilly Stone Drive is causing slowdowns and a bumpy ride. Work is weekday only through November.

WASHINGTON STREET--Reconditioning between Jefferson Street and Beall Avenue in Rockville continues through November. Delays will be minimal, except when patching crews are working. PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY

RTE. 50 (JOHN HANSON HIGHWAY)--Bridge decks along eastbound lanes are being replaced from the Beltway to Rte. 556 (Enterprise Avenue), about three miles. This is a long-term project and obstructions are minimal, but driver curiosity is causing rush-hour slowdowns.

I-495 (CAPITAL BELTWAY)--Resurfacing between Rte. 214 (Central Avenue) and Rte. 5 (Branch Avenue) is narrowing both loops of the Beltway from four lanes to two between 7:30 p.m. and 6 a.m. One lane in each direction is periodically closed during off-peak, daytime hours. Traffic problems are minimal but caution is advised.HOWARD COUNTY

BALTIMORE STREET--Will be closed during weekday business hours between Savage-Guilford Road and Woodward Street.

CEDAR LANE--One lane is open to serve both directions between Freetown and Owen Brown roads, near Hickory Ridge. Flagmen will direct traffic. VIRGINIA

SHIRLEY HIGHWAY (I-395)--One lane in each direction will be closed periodically during nonrush hours for construction of the Shirley Highway traffic-management system, including ramp metering and variable message signs. The project is to continue for several months.

I-66--One lane closed during nonrush hours between Rte. 123 and the Gallows Road crossing because of Metro construction.

I-95 SOUTH--Is narrowed with barriers erected from Rte. 619 (Fuller Road) south to the Chopawamsic Creek in Prince William County. Lanes are also narrowed at two- to five-mile intervals from the Chopawamsic Creek at the Prince William-Stafford county line south to Ladysmith because of road construction.ALEXANDRIA

COMMERCE STREET--The 100 block is closed to through traffic for road realignment.

KING STREET (RTE. 7)--Narrowed to one lane in each direction, causing slight delays between I-395 and 28th Street. Road widening is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays through November.

REINEKERS LANE--Closed between Diagonal Road and Prince Street for road realignment.

VAN DORN STREET--Traffic between Pickett Street and Eisenhower Avenue is being rerouted because of bridge construction. The project is scheduled for completion next summer. ARLINGTON

ARLINGTON RIDGE ROAD S.--Lanes are reduced from two to one in each direction between South Glebe Road and South 23rd Street because of preliminary design work for possible construction. The project will run through November.

GEORGE WASHINGTON MEMORIAL PARKWAY--Lanes are narrowed on the ramp from Rosslyn Circle to the parkway northbound because of bridge construction.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY--Traffic is reduced from three to two lanes in each direction under the Pentagon River Entrance Bridge because of bridge reconstruction.

MILITARY ROAD--Some delays at the intersection with North 36th Street because of water main construction.

NORTH HIGHLAND STREET--Will be closed between North Ninth and North 10th streets for storm-sewer construction.FAIRFAX COUNTY

CHAIN BRIDGE ROAD (RTE. 123)--Some traffic delay likely between Braddock Road and Burke Centre Parkway because of road construction.

DULLES TOLL ROAD--Possible delays at intersections between the Beltway and Rte. 28 because of road construction parallel to the Dulles Toll Road.

FAIRHAVEN DRIVE--Two-way traffic between Richmond Highway and North Kings Highway is reduced to one lane during off-peak hours. A flagman is on site.

FORT HUNT ROAD (RTE. 629)--Interruptions from the intersection at Rte. 1 south for less than a mile, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., for a new drainage project.

GALLOWS ROAD--Some delays between Idylwood Road and Rte. 7 because of road widening.

PICKETT ROAD--Some traffic delays possible between Little River Turnpike (Rte. 236) and Rte. 50 because of road construction.

RTE. 7 (LEESBURG PIKE)--Traffic may narrow to one lane in each direction between the Beltway and Westpark Drive because of road widening. HERNDON

ELDEN STREET--Closed from Center Street to Ferndale Avenue because of street repairs. PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY

RTE. 1 (JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY in Prince William, RICHMOND HIGHWAY in Fairfax)--Northbound bridge over the Occoquan River into Fairfax County is closed through next summer. The southbound bridge is being used for two-way traffic.VIENNA

E STREET--Some delays expected at the intersection with Maple Avenue because of electrical work on E Street between Church Street and Ayr Hill Avenue. Work is scheduled to be completed by the end of the week.