Firefighters often find fires in trash dumpsters. Yesterday McLean firefighter Steven Smarr found a drunk-driving suspect who was running from police. And then he stood on the dumpster until officers arived.

Fairfax County police said the incident began about 5:30 p.m. when officer D.S. Vice stopped a car at 1434 Chain Bridge Rd., across the street from the McLean volunteer fire station. As Vice approached the car, two men got out and began running, police said. Smarr, a 13-year veteran of the McLean Fire Department, noticed two men running through a parking lot.

"He [the officer] yelled halt, but they kept going," Smarr said last night. "It was two on one. I figured I'd even up the odds and took out after one of them."

Smarr said he lost sight of the man when he ducked into an alley on Redmond Street, then noticed a trash dumpster with the lid open. "I peeked into the dumpster and I saw the guy's T-shirt and I slammed the lid down and stood on top of it until the police came," Smarr said.

Police said Charles Grymes, 25, of 6121 Franklin Park Rd. was charged with driving while intoxicated and with a suspended permit. The second man was charged with being drunk in public, police said.