In this age of acronyms, they call it WHIM, but it's no whim to Vir- ginia Gov. Charles S. Robb, who kicked off the Northern Virginia regional WHIM program yesterday in Alexandria. The letters stand for "We Have It Made," but unaccountably the acronym leaves off the most significant words, " . . . in Virginia."

Robb has lent the weight of his administration to a program backed chiefly by the statewide and local chambers of commerce to promote consumer purchases of goods produced in the Old Dominion.

While many people, including Virginians themselves, know the state as a producer of apples (the noncomputer variety), peanuts and hams, Robb told reporters in Alexandria that too few realize that it is an industrial powerhouse that produces pickup trucks, ships, furniture, textiles, wines and color television sets. Robb said he's especially hopeful those in Northern Virginia, where he grew up and still officially resides, will get to know the rest of the state better than they do.

As part of the program, the Ford Motor Co. announced it will sponsor a drawing -- similar to those already held in three other parts of Virginia -- for a pickup truck assembled at its Norfolk plant. Anyone can register at any of the 11 Ford dealerships in Northern Virginia.

Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.), appearing with Robb at a luncheon in Alexandria's Old Club restaurant, told the governor that he regards WHIM "as one of the hallmarks of your administration -- I'm enough of a man . . . of a different party to admit it."

Then Warner probably wanted to bite his tongue. "Virginia enjoys one of the lowest employment rates in the nation," he said. As the initial giggles rose to laughter, he produced a one-word amendment: "Unemployment."

After lunch, Robb attended ceremonies at the Northern Virginia United Way headquarters, the new Fairfax Savings Bank in Springfield, the topping off of the second of the twin towers in Rosslyn and the unveiling of plans for Tycon Towers at Tysons Corner.