WARD 2 Democrats

John A. Wilson, (D) Incumbent, 40, of 1545 18th St. NW, who has a degree in history and sociology, has been the Ward 2 City Council member since 1974. He chairs the Committee on Finance and Revenue and is a member of the consumer and regulatory affairs and human services committees.

Needs and solutions: The District's most pressing needs are: conservation and expansion of the city's low- and moderate-income housing stock, reduction of crime and formulation of a rational fiscal policy. Providing decent housing for low- and moderate- income residents has been a continuing problem. I have worked to protect and increase this stock by enacting controls on conversions of apartments to condominiums, cooperatives and hotels, by pushing for strong rent and eviction controls and by providing purchase rights for tenants, home purchase assistance funds and tax breaks. I will continue to advocate and expand these programs. Street crime, particularly crime associated with drugs, is another grave problem. I have introduced a package of legislation aimed at relieving some of this crime. This package includes provisions for strengthening parole revocation procedures, increasing the minimum sentence for "life" imprisonment and expanding the rights of victims of violent crime in our judicial process. The District must begin to live within its means by expanding revenue-producing opprotunities rather than increasing taxes. A three-to-five year spending plan, based on budget priorities, and a taxing policy aimed at increasing rather than eroding the tax base, must be implemented. I will continue to oppose inflated budgets accompanied by unwarranted tax increases.