Josephine (Jo) D. Butler (Statehood), 64, of 1720 Swann St. NW, a retired health educator, is the office administrator of the Adams-Morgan ANC. She has chaired the D.C. Statehood Party and served on the D.C. Commission on Human Rights and mayor's health planning advisory panel.

Needs and solutions: The District has three equally pressing needs: 1) to continue, with all due speed, its move toward statehood; 2) to update its present method of real property taxation and 3) to revise and update its health and human needs programs. Statehood: Colonization and apartheid are abominable. The right to full citizenship rights cannot be further abridged or denied. Incentive Taxing: Taxing should be incentives to the taxed and the taxer. The District has a right to collect taxes to maintain the city and to provide services to the residents. Taxes shouldn't be an encouragement for misuse of funds, abusive use of land, slums, vacant housing units, or out-of-sight prices for home ownership. Taxes shouldn't and needn't be excessive; nor should taxes be oppressive. The government can tax only land, workers or businesses. Taxing the last two is unjust and uneconomic. The Health of the Community: The health of the community is at a dangerously low point. None of us is at our healthiest when many of us are ill. The District has become an unhealthy place to live. All around are threats to the physical and mental health of men, women and children. The government has to identify these threats and their cause, teach us the proper precautions to take to protect ourselves and inspire the citizenry to work toward upgrading the quality of life in the city -- not overlooking the addicted, the homeless and the unemployed. If elected, I will continue my 12 years of fighting for statehood as a reality in my lifetime, continue my 10-year struggle to get the method of real property taxation updated and put my experience as a health worker into introducing legislation to upgrade the quality of life for D.C. residents.