The nations will have to celebrate United Nations Day this Oct. 24 without the support of Campbell County, Va.

The County Board of Supervisors has refused, 7 to 0, to designate a day for the United Nations, whose charter began effective Oct. 24, 1945. The board sent word of its resolution to Gov. Charles S. Robb and called for the dissolution of the international organization.

"It's just a stomping ground for the communists to beat their chest before the American people; that's all it is," said Campbell County Supervisor Calvin P. Carter.

Rep. W.C. (Dan) Daniel (D-Va.), who represents Campbell County and Southside Virginia in Congress, concurred yesterday with the board. "The sooner that modern Tower of Babel sinks into the East River," he said, "the sooner we can get back to looking after our interests."

Campbell County is a largely rural jurisdiction of 47,500 residents, according to local officials. It stretches south from the Lynchburg suburbs and its economy is based on corn and tobacco.

"You have to understand the section of the country this is," said County Board Chairman Walter W. Viohl (R). "This is a fairly conservative area. Most people see the U.N. as an implement of the communists. That's a strong political feeling here."

U.N. Day is celebrated annually in the United States. Most states are asked by a national chairman, appointed by the president, to name a United Nations coordinator, to stage events and pass resolutions honoring the organization. The president has issued a U.N. Day proclamation every year since 1948, and probably will again this year, a White House spokesman said.

"I understand the arguments the board is giving down there," said Kevin E. Canavan, national field director of the United Nations Association of the United States. "But we haven't heard any specific complaints like this before."

L. Paige Tucker, editor of the Brookneal Union Star, a weekly in the county, said she disapproved of the board's action. "I don't think the board's decision is what everybody here thinks. They're doing absolutely nothing to promote relations with other countries. The board attitude is hard to understand."

"We feel like the U.S. is paying the United Nations more than our fair share," said Campbell Supervisor R. Ray Ward. "It's just a base for communist propaganda that takes advantage of us."