Around the College Park Airport in Prince George's County, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this weekend, there are people who object to the airplanes arriving or departing.

They're welcome to join the crowd of those who object to air traffic into and out of National Airport, or -- in growing numbers -- into and out of Dulles Airport. The noise, goes the refrain, disturbs our life style.

In point of fact, the controversial airports, in most instances, got there before the protesters, and in my view it's often (though not invariably) up to those on the ground to accommodate to the planes overhead, rather than the other way around.

So let's get back to College Park Airport. MetroScene recently reported on the first successful military flight at Fort Myer involving the Wright brothers early in 1909.

But Fort Myer, much to the historically reported relief of its commanding officer (who was probably cavalry-oriented), was found to be inappropriate as a permanent airfield. A 160-acre site near the Maryland Agricultural College -- now the University of Maryland -- was chosen.

The Wrights moved their operations to College Park, and that airfield is now, according to the Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission and others, "the world's oldest continually operated airport."

Which finally gets us to the point: the College Park Airport is marking its 75th anniversary Saturday and Sunday with exhibits and lots of fun for all starting at 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. There will be fireworks on Saturday night.

The airport is north of Calvert Road in College Park. From the Beltway, go south on either U.S. Rte. 1 or Kenilworth Avenue (Md. Rte. 211) to Calvert Road, then go east from Rte. 1 or west from Kenilworth.