Walter F. Mondale announced yesterday that D.C. City Council member Charlene Drew Jarvis will be a national vice chair of the Mondale-Ferraro campaign.

Jarvis will be one of a group of vice chairs throughout the country who will be responsible for formulating strategy for the Mondale campaign. She is the first vice chair to be named in the District, according to a Mondale spokesman.

"Charlene Jarvis was an early supporter whose advice I value highly," Mondale said. "She did a superb job as chairman of the Mondale campaign in the District of Columbia and is an invaluable resource for us on the needs and interest of District residents."

As a vice chair, Jarvis said that she will pay particular attention to how to attract women and black voters to the campaign.

Jarvis also said that her appointment will help to establish a good relationship between the District and Mondale that "will be important when Mondale becomes president."

Mondale's announcement came one day after Jesse L. Jackson appeared with District school board member Barbara Lett Simmons, who is challenging Jarvis in the Ward 4 City Council primary race. Simmons was a Jackson delegate to the Democratic convention and Jarvis was a Mondale delegate.

Jackson joined Simmons at a gospel concert Friday night and said: "When the rainbow coalition needed you, Barbara, you were there. Now you need the rainbow and it is here with a pot of gold."

Jarvis, who has questioned Jackson's involvement in a local race, said Mondale's announcement was not a response to Jackson's support for Simmons. Jarvis said she was first asked about becoming a vice chair several weeks ago.

"I wouldn't ask for an endorsement from Mondale on a local level," Jarvis said. "Just like I think it is inappropriate for Jackson to get involved, I think it would be inappropriate for Mondale to get involved."