Two Hyattsville residents and a Baltimore man face the pleasant prospect of receiving checks for $107,644.74 in each of the next 20 years after they turned up with the only winning tickets in last Saturday's Maryland Lotto drawing for a $4.2 million jackpot.

Mary Pruitt, 71, and her son Robert, 42, of Hyattsville, are the lucky co-holders of a ticket bearing the six winning numbers: 2-7-9-10-26-31. Robert, a printer at Good Impressions Printing in Washington, said the money would be a "great help" in paying college tuition bills for his two children. Mrs. Pruitt said it more simply: "I wanted everybody to be happy."

The second winner is Peter Wancowicz, 47, of Baltimore, who watched the drawing on television and moaned that he had missed the prize by one number. "I missed the 'two,' " Wancowicz said. "Then my son said, 'Hey wait, my father's got the two.' For the next hour-and-a-half it was bedlam." His winnings also will help pay for college educations for his three younger children, he said.

A total of 472 players picked five of six numbers to win $834 each. Another 17,991 picked four to win $28 each.