The City of Manassas Park has asked the Prince William County Circuit Court to decide whether the city must meet the State Compensation Board's requirement that Manassas Park allow its Commissioner of Revenue to hire a second full-time clerk.

A hearing on the issue is set for Nov. 2. According to compensation board Executive Secretary John Garrett, the city's request is unusual. "Usually jurisdictions come to the state asking for more money or more personnel. This is unusual because even though the state will pay for half this person's salary, Manassas Park wants the court to reverse our decision." The salary for the full-time person is $11,030.

Any decision by the circuit court panel of three judges will be final, Garrett said.

The dispute began two years ago when a state budget problem caused the compensation board to cut all constitutional officers' budgets by 5 percent. According to Garrett, the city's decision to hire an outside property tax assessor would make Manassas Park's constitutional officer Betty Mullins' work load lighter, but she reserved the right to request a reinstatement of the second full-time person if she needed it. The board agreed.

City manager Jerry Davis said that the City Council refused Mullins' request for a second full-time person early in 1983 based on the belief that she did not have enough work to warrant another full-time employe.