City Council member Jerry A. Moore Jr. (R-At Large) raised $175,000 for his unsuccessful bid for the Republican at-large council nomination in the September party primary and ended up nearly $10,000 in debt.

That amounted to about $75 for each of his 2,446 primary votes.

Moore's war chest, listed in a financial report filed Wednesday with the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance, was the largest ever raised for an at-large council race. He lost the Republican nomination to former school board member Carol Schwartz, who raised $55,000, according to her campaign finance report filed Wednesday.

Moore, a 15-year council veteran, is trying to retain his seat by conducting a write-in campaign. Finance reports filed by two committees formed to draft Moore showed that the two groups had raised a combined total of $4,181 and spent a total of $2,064.

Each of five contributors to the write-in campaign -- the only ones listed -- gave $100. City Council Chairman David A. Clarke headed the list, followed by Connie Mack Higgins, chairman of the committee to draft Moore, two ministers, the Rev. F.D. Tucker and the Rev. C.B. Sparrow and A.L. Mangrum, who was not identified.

By law, individuals who contributed to Moore's primary campaign were limited to a maximum of $1,000. But there is no limit on the amount contributors may give to either of the Moore draft committees, according to Keith Vance, director of the campaign finance office. Vance also said that anyone who gave the maximum amount to Moore's primary campaign may now contribute to the write-in campaign.

Under the law, the draft committees are viewed as political action committees and would not be subject to the $1,000 limitation unless one or both committees became involved with Moore's primary finance committee, according to Vance.

The report, which listed $67,070 in expenses for a period covering Sept. 4 through Oct. 10, provided some insight into how Moore's campaign spent the record amount in contributions.

The amount of $8,000 is listed as "election-day expenses" beside the name of Higgins, who coordinated ward activities for the primary campaign. Expenses in excess of $8,000 were listed for "casual consultants." The campaign also spent $16,196 in radio advertising.

Although the report listed $484.22 in cash on hand, it also included debts totaling $9,982. The campaign owes $2,920 to the Potomac Electric Power Company and $1,849 to AT&T.

In the November general election, Moore will be one of six candidates seeking two at-large council seats. Incumbent John Ray (D-At Large) is expected to retain his seat easily, leaving the other candidates to battle for Moore's seat.

As the Republican nominee, Schwartz is considered the chief contender for Moore's seat. A Schwartz campaign finance report showed that she had $906.39 in cash on Monday after collecting $15,790 and spending $27,151 between Sept. 4 and Oct. 8.

Of the other at-large candidates -- Statehood Party candidate Josephine Butler, independent candidate Brian Moore and Communist candidate Maurice Jackson -- only Jackson filed an October report on Wednesday. He listed $2,789 in contributions and $433 in cash on hand.