The Washington Post today begins listing food establishments in the metropolitan area that have been reported closed for health code violations.

The information has been gathered through District of Columbia, Alexandria, Arlington and Prince George's and Fairfax county officials. Montgomery County officials have declined to assemble and release such information. This feature will appear each Sunday in the Metro section. FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS CLOSED FOR HEALTH CODE VIOLATIONS SINCE OCTOBER 1, 1984 NAME OF BUSINESS DATES CLOSED REASONS CITED FOR CLOSING Arrow Live Poultry Co. 917 Fifth St. NW Washington 10/5 -- Unsanitary food processing area; flies, birds, and a cat in food processing area; no soap in restrooms; no currently certified food supervisor; roaches in refrigerator; ineffective rodent control; improper storage and disposal of waste from food processing operation.

Beefsteak Charlie's 7829 Eastern Ave. NW Washington 10/10 -- 10/11 Unsanitary food storage; broken refrigerator; dishwasher temperature insufficient to sanitize dishes; ineffective roach control; no currently certified food supervisor; improper storage and disposal of waste from food processing; restroom ceilings in disrepair.

Goddard Mini-Market 8711 Greenbelt Rd. Greenbelt 10/11 -- 10/11 Inaccessible restrooms.

Ponderosa Steak House 3928 Lee Hwy. Fairfax City 10/1 -- 10/1 Exploded water heater.