The motorcycle pictured above caused distress to a lot of people entering downtown Washington yesterday after crossing the 14th Street Bridge. My colleague, Post photographer James A. Parcell, said the driver of this bike (which carried a female passenger) came from behind him, weaved and darted among vehicles -- including, at one point, ahead of Parcell -- in ways most of us would consider illegal. He finally was halted, as shown, at Constitution Avenue by a squeeze between a truck and a car.

Metro Scene often has railed against bicyclists who violate traffic laws and get away with it. In fact, we saw one instance on Friday in which a biker was going westbound -- the wrong way on a one-way street -- on L Street, ran a red light, made a left turn into an oncoming lane, hopped illegally onto a sidewalk, then returned to the street and went southbound -- on the wrong side of the street -- on 15th Street.

Parcell, who commutes in a car he needs at work, said he's never seen a policeman ticket a motorbike, like the one pictured above, for a violation, though he's seen countless violations.

Are bikers -- whether pedaling or motoring -- immune? Or is it just too much trouble to ticket them?