Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.), who has amassed a 6-to-1 lead in campaign contributions over his Democratic challenger, Edythe C. Harrison, said yesterday that he has stopped most fund-raising activities because his campaign appears near its $2 million goal.

"We have enough," said Warner's administrative aide, Andy Wahlquist. "It makes no sense to proceed any further." He said Warner had canceled four fund-raising events and others have been scaled back.

Warner and Harrison released their latest campaign expense reports, showing that Warner's $490,000 cash balance Monday was more than 10 times as much as Harrison's. She reported having $42,679 cash and her campaign spokesman said Harrison's revised goal of raising $800,000 may be unrealistic, forcing cutbacks in planned television and radio spending.

Separately the two Northern Virginia Republican congressmen reported that they have maintained a strong edge in fund raising over their Democratic challengers. Nowhere, however, was the GOP edge in fund raising in Virginia more pronounced than in the Senate race.

Reports in that race showed that for the period ending Sept. 30, Warner reported a total of $1,912,704 in contributions. Harrison, a former legislator from Norfolk, said she had collected a total of $378,406 and that included $100,000 she lent her campaign.

Initially, Harrison said she expected to raise $1.5 million to challenge Warner, who is finishing his first term. She recently lowered her goal to $800,000, but spokesman Steve Morrison said that Harrison may not be able to raise that much money.

Democrat Richard L. Saslaw dropped further behind 8th District Republican Rep. Stan Parris in one of the most costly House campaigns in the nation. Parris, one of the most successful fund-raisers in the House, reported he has raised $722,272, compared with a total of $189,148 by Saslaw, a state senator from Fairfax.

As of yesterday Saslaw had raised a total of $230,000, according to aides. Saslaw, who runs several service stations, reported $14,754 cash on hand on Sept. 30, compared with $133,055 for Parris. The 8th District includes Alexandria and parts of Fairfax, Prince William and Stafford counties.

In the 10th District, Democrat John Flannery said he has narrowed the fund-raising lead held by Republican Rep. Frank R. Wolf, but he still trails Wolf by a margin of more than 2 to 1. The district includes Arlington and Loudoun counties, the northern half of Fairfax County and the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church.

Wolf, seeking his third term, nearly doubled his campaign chest in the past three months to a total of $452,830 as of Sept. 30, slightly under the $500,000-plus he raised for his 1982 race. About one-fourth of the total raised came from political action committees. Since the Sept. 30 filing deadline, the Wolf campaign has taken in an additional $100,000 in contributions, a spokesman said.

Flannery reported raising a total of $224,613, of which $71,000 came from funds he loaned his campaign. The new totals show that Flannery, who earlier this year trailed Wolf in fund raising by a margin of nearly 4 to 1, has halved the margin.

"We are closing the funding gap," Flannery campaign manager and spouse Bettina Gregory said yesterday. Approximately one-fifth of Flannery's contributions have come from political action committees, most of them affiliated with labor unions. The latest reports show that Wolf is continuing to outspend Flannery by $248,790 to $192,612.

In the 7th District, which includes western Prince William and portions of Stafford counties, Republican French Slaughter has more than a 2-to-1 lead over Democrat Lewis Costello, who has raised about $150,000 compared with $343,869 for Slaughter. The district is now represented by J. Kenneth Robinson, a Winchester Republican who is retiring.

Former Democratic lieutenant governor Henry E. Howell has contributed $600 to Harrison, who became involved in Virginia politics working for Howell. State Sen. Madison E. Marye (D-Montgomery County), who contributed $250, is the only one of the state's many Democratic legislators listed among Harrison's contributors.

Warner's report showed he has received about $192,000 from political action committees, to $52,000 for Harrison. Warner has said a total of about 15,000 individuals have donated to his campaign.