The Bowie City Council rejected a proposal Monday to convert the closed Buckingham Elementary School and the surrounding land to a condominium and town house development.

The city planning advisory board had told the council the development would bring about a major, unwarranted change in the community of single-family houses and would substantially increase traffic.

The planning advisory board also told the council that the development, which called for a total of 80 units, would eliminate play areas needed by the neighborhood.

The council also rejected the city planning staff's proposal for a smaller version of the proposal, made by developers Fred and Barbara Herold, calling for 60 units and a three-acre ball park for community use.

About 21 residents of the Buckingham community spoke against the development at the city planning advisory board's meeting on Oct. 9, board director James Cronk said.

The Herolds were asking the city for a special zoning exception to convert the school. Cronk said this is their second proposal for the school at 2800 Barberry La., which has been closed since 1981. In 1982, the city approved the Herolds' proposal to convert the school into a nursing care facility for the elderly, but the state rejected it, saying the area did not need that type of facility.