Once again the town of Glen Echo has run into trouble with the Montgomery County police. Last fall, when Glen Echo officials put up "No Parking" signs on Tulane Avenue near Trav's Inn, police told them that they could not enforce the directive because the signs, which have green letters on white background, violated a county law requiring such signs to have red lettering on white background.

Now, almost a year later, a similar problem has surfaced: County police have told Glen Echo officials that they cannot enforce the town's new speed limit of 20 mph because 25 is the lowest enforceable speed limit in the county, according to Mayor Fred Kuster.

"It's like, here we go again with the Montgomery County police," Kuster said. "Apparently we'll have to have a special meeting with the county executive and the chief of police and try to work this out."

Kuster said the town has posted 20 mph signs in other locations since the 1960s and added about a dozen two weeks ago to slow traffic along residential streets, particularly along Oxford Road, which leads into Glen Echo Park.

"We feel that, because of the size of the streets, 25 miles per hour is too fast," Kuster said. "Most of our streets are only 20 to 25 feet wide."

Kuster said town officials hope to meet later this month with Police Chief Bernard D. Crooke and County Executive Charles W. Gilchrist to see if an agreement can be reached.