Metro officials have agreed to study the feasibility of adding 1,000 parking spaces to the busy Huntington rail station to better accommodate the station's 20,000 daily commuters.

The station, which is off Huntington Road in southern Fairfax County, has only 2,055 parking places, which are filled by 7:30 a.m. each weekday.

District Supervisor Joseph Alexander (D-Lee) said he knew there would be a parking problem when the station was built and faulted the Metro planners with underestimating Huntington's ridership with inaccurate commuter projections.

"I told them a long time ago they were going to need more parking there," Alexander said. "It looks like they just blatantly underprojected the station's use."

Vernon Garrett, director of Metro's engineering and architecture, said Deleuw Cather & Co., an engineering consulting firm, would study the cost of building a three-tiered parking garage there.

Garrett said it would take between six months and a year to build a parking facility that size.

Alexander said he had a hard time convincing Metro officials to look at the current car crunch at Huntington.

He added that the transit police agreed to be more lenient in enforcing parking regulations at the overcrowded station.

"The Metro police said they would liberally police the area until more spaces and signs are put in," said Alexander.

The Huntington station opened last December as the terminus for the Yellow Line.

Metro officials said it would be at least three weeks before any decisions are made on added parking.