The Manassas City Council recently approved a 53-page ordinance that will give Manassas its long-awaited cable television franchise. Advertisements for bids were to go out this week. According to council member John Weber, who chaired the council cable television committee, changes in technology and legislation during the eight-year period that the proposal has been on the city's drawing board made the ordinance necessary.

The City Council has asked architects for the new city hall to redesign the building after viewing a model that had a modern design and would have incorporated the old city hall into the facility. The architects have been asked to work with designs by architects of Old Town Manassas to give the new city hall a historic look. According to Vice Mayor Stewart Vetter, the annex building now being used as an administration building will be torn down to allow the new city hall to be constructed behind the old one. Once the new facility is open, the old city hall will be turned over to the Manassas Museum Committee, replacing the small museum now in use on Main Street.

The Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce plans to provide the public with information about a $20 million road bond referendum for Prince William County that will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot. A formal endorsement by the Western Chamber is expected soon. The Eastern Chamber went on record last month as the first business organization to give its blessing to the referendum.