Metered charges for those who park at bargain rates in garages and lots operated by the Montgomery County government in th southern part of Silver Spring are probably going up.

The current rate is 10 cents an hour--less than a dollar for all day, a steal by any measure.

Under the proposed new tariff, the meter fee will go up to 25 cents an hour for meters that limit parking to six hours or less and to 15 cents an hour for meters that allow more than six hours of parking. That still sets the all-day rate at $1.50 or less, contrasted with $7.50 or more in downtown D.C.

County officials say the proposal would result in the rates for south Silver Spring being the same as those in other parts of the community, including county garages close to the Metro station.

Want to protest or otherwise comment? Write Robert McGarry, county director of transportation, 10th Floor, Executive Office Building, 101 Monroe St., Rockville, Md. 10850. Lengthy Legacy

A sharp-eyed reader noted a recent death notice in this newspaper and wonders whether an 85-year-old woman, may have qualified for some kind of championship.

Besides her husband, the death notice noted, she was survived by three sons, two daughters, 57 grandchildren, 145 great-grandchildren and 26 great-great grandchildren -- a total, the death notice itself tallied up, of 235 descendents.