Dear Mr. Smith

The unfair restrictions on me here at St. Elizabeths and now this refusal to allow me to vote in the upcoming election clearly demonstrates that I've become a political prisoner.

On Oct. 4 I asked the Court to lift the restrictions on me but I was unsuccesful. The next day I was notified that my second application to vote in D.C. was turned down too, leaving me no time to register in Colorado. I am a political dissident and the government wants me silenced and locked away permanently. I refuse to let this happen.

There is no difference between John Hinckley and Andrei Sakharov. We are both political prisoners in every way. St. Elizabeths Hospital is a government hospital with government doctors. One of my victims is head of the government and so when it comes to me, the orders come directly from the White House. Anyone who doesn't believe that is either very naive or very stupid. No wonder they don't want me to give interviews. The Soviet Union doesn't allow Andrei Sakharov to give interviews either so what's the difference?

In the past 2 years I have become much more politically aware and I can now see what's going on in this country. But I can't speak out or vote to try and change the system because the hospital and government won't let me.

America does have political prisoners and I am one of them. Let the truth be known. Sincerely, John Hinckley