A woman who handed a bank teller a note saying she had a hand grenade and a gun escaped with an undisclosed amount of money yesterday from a Citizens Bank of Maryland branch in Prince George's County, police reported.

The holdup bore some of the earmarks of a recent rash of bank robberies by a woman who has become known to investigators as "the hand grenade lady." But police said they do not believe yesterday's robbery was committed by the same woman.

Yesterday's holdup occurred about 3:30 p.m. at a bank branch in the Prince George's Plaza shopping mall. Police said a woman wearing round, wide-rimmed dark glasses and carrying a multicolored canvas bag, handed a teller a note reading: "I have a grenade and a gun, put all the money in the bag."

The teller handed money to her, and the woman, who displayed neither a grenade nor a gun, fled, police said.

"The hand grenade lady," believed to be a different person, is said by law enforcement officials to have robbed six area banks since August -- one in Montgomery County and five in Fairfax, the most recent of which was Monday in Springfield.