Heidi Schramm shoved her broom aside, and from the front porch gestured toward the entrance of Grey House Potters in Arlington. Apologizing to the visitor, she explained that it was her week to do housekeeping.

Schramm and three other women juggle every kind of duty, from bookkeeping to publicity, to make this pottery cooperative work -- four artists with four styles, running a store and gallery, each with their own studio space.

The cooperative has the appearance and feeling of a harmonious work place. The scent of baking clay drifts through the house. The studios are stamped with the work of each potter, cluttered with tools, sponges, posters. The gallery area is not elaborate but filled with shelves built by the co-op members.

Currently Carmen Schein is showing her stoneware sculpture at Grey House. Schein's pieces show a strong interest in glaze colors and how they work with abstract clay forms. In exchange for the gallery space (Schein is not a member of the cooperative), the artist is asked to pay a small fee and to devote time to the cooperative.

Every six weeks or so the members get together to discuss their work, offer advice and take care of business. Occasionally they find themselves moving in the same artistic direction. Recently they have all been interested in how light affects their pieces.

Schein's work will be on view through Nov. 3. The others have continuing exhibits. Grey House Potters is located on Wilson Boulevard. For details call 522-7738. Other Events:

Recent works by Katherine Steiger will be on view at Gallery 4 through Nov. 30. For details call 548-4600.

The Potomac Valley Watercolorists will show recent works at the Metro Gallery at George Mason University Metro Campus. The opening reception will be held Nov. 2. For details call 841-2604.