The Rockville City Council, anticipating increased commuter traffic when two Metro stations open in the city in December, said Monday that it would move ahead with plans to establish permit-parking zones along residential streets in each Rockville and Twinbrook. A final vote on the measure is expected next month.

Streets surrounding the Twinbrook and Rockville Metro stations would have all-day parking for residents and a two-hour parking limit for other drivers.

At a public hearing earlier this month, residents of east Rockville and Twinbrook said they welcomed the permit system, which would offer each household permit parking stickers for family cars plus two visitor passes.

Stickers would cost $10 each and would be valid for five years. The permit parking zones would remain in effect from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, city officials said.

In the Twinbrook area, the proposed parking-permit zones would extend along parts of Vandegrift Avenue, Vandegrift Court, Leahy Drive, Ardennes Avenue, Wainwrith Avenue, Ridgeway Avenue, LeMay Avenue, Rockland Avenue, Rockville Avenue Stanley Avenue, Brooks Drive and Lewis Avenue.

There are 26 streets proposed for permit parking in the east Rockville area.

A resolution establishing permit parking zones in the two neighborhoods, which the council is expected to adopt next month, is being prepared by the city's traffic engineering department.