There are so many talented athletes on the T.C. Williams football team this season that it's sometimes hard to determine which one is most gifted. Certainly Glenn Williams is the favorite answer of many squad members.

Starting his third year at quarterback for the Titans, Williams, an all-Northern District selectee last season, has led the Titans to a 7-0 record and a No.1 ranking in the metropolitan area.

"He (Williams) is the most talented athlete I have ever coached," said second-year Coach Glenn Furman, who also coached Williams in junior high. "He has something many athletes lack and that's leadership ability."

The Titans also feature a backfield that has turned in an outstanding performance in each game this season.

Senior running backs Bren Lowery and Rodney McNeil have rushed for more than 100 yards each game, scored seven touchdowns apiece and gained 776 and 802 yards, respectively.

"Statistics can tell a lot about a player," said the assistant coach, Bill Morris, who also coaches baseball. "But they don't tell the whole story. Williams is a fantastic athlete. He is a leader -- the best leader that I've had the opportunity to coach.

"His hard work both on and off the field inspires everyone that he comes in contact with. He has a lot of dedication to the game and takes pride in everything he does. If I had a son I would want him to be like him. He's special on and off the field."

On the field, Williams, who threw 15 touchdown passes last year, has directed the Titans to a 23-4-2 record over a two-year period and guided his team to the championship finals last season, only to lose to Mount Vernon.

This fall, the 5-foot-11 1/2, 160-pound senior is enjoying another successful year. In 47 attempts, he has completed 30 passes for 402 yards and eight touchdowns and has only three interceptions.

In addition to his passing, Williams has scrambled for 190 yards on 26 carries (7.1 average) and is responsible for the team's 420 yards per contest and 223 points scored.

"He leads by example," said basketball Coach Mike Hynson. "He never loses his cool and always appears to be in control. I've never seen him holler or raise his voice at anyone on the team. He gets the most out of people by the way he carries himself and by the way he dedicates himself to the game."

While Williams enjoys playing quarterback and the glory that has come with it, the versatile player, who also starred last season for the basketball and baseball teams, likes basketball best.

"I enjoy playing all three sports," said Williams. "But I really haven't sat down to consider which one I'll play in college. If I had to make a decision now, I think it would be basketball."

Williams started at point guard last winter and was instrumental in leadng the Titans to a 23-5 record. While he averaged 5.5 points per game, the floor leader dished out six assists a game and averaged three steals.

In baseball, Williams, a first baseman, ended last season with a .285 average and seven home runs.

"It's hard to tell which sport he'll decide to play once he gets in college," said Furman. "He's great at all three. But whichever one he chooses, he'll definitely succeed."

Off the field, Williams puts sports aside and concentrates on his educational goals. He has received letters and phone calls from several universities, but says he is strongly considering Wake Forest.

"Although I participate in a lot of sporting events, my first love and goal in life is to become an accountant," said Williams, who has a 3.1 grade average. "Wake Forest has an outstanding accounting program and I'm eager to be a part of it.

"You have to set priorities in life. And, right now, hitting the books is No. 1. Then, leading the (football) team to a championship is second."