Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.) said yesterday that his campaign war chest has topped $2 million, while Rep. Stan Parris (R-Va.) said he has raised $794,490, more than any other House member in the Washington area.

Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-Va.) has raised $518,621, Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) has raised $154,000, and Rep. Michael D. Barnes (D-Md.) has raised $145,000. In Maryland's hotly contested 2nd District, 22-year veteran Democratic Rep. Clarence D. Long has received $740,000.

In each case, their challengers collected far less money. The best financed challenger was Long's Republican opponent, Helen Delich Bentley. Bentley, running for the third time against Long, has raised $402,000.

Virginia Democrat Edythe Harrison, who is running for Warner's seat, has raised $391,506. She has incurred substantial debts and reported only $23,001 cash on hand, raising serious doubts that she can run the intensive statewide advertising that Democrats and Republicans say she needs to overcome Warner's lead.

In the first 17 days of October, Harrison reported raising $50,153 but she also had debts of $145,712 -- including her own $100,000 loan. Harrison also owes her husband, Stanley, $2,292 for hotel and travel bills he has paid.

Harrison also showed that she has a number of bills for rent, telephones and consulting.

Matt Reese Associates, a Democratic consulting firm that suddenly quit her campaign after announcing an ambitious pyramid scheme to lure thousands of volunteers to the campaign, is owed $9,396.

Meanwhile, Warner reported that he had raised an additional $134,650 during the first 17 days of October, raising his total slightly above $2 million. On Oct. 17, Warner had $436,500 cash on hand, more money than Harrison had raised all year.

In Virginia's 8th Congressional District, which includes Alexandria, southern Fairfax, Prince William and Stafford counties, state Sen. Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) has raised $226,101. He has $11,057 for the closing days of his campaign against Parris.

Saslaw also had $39,893 in debts and obligations, including $5,548 to an Alexandria printing firm and $4,579 in consulting fees to Emilie Miller, an unsuccessful candidate for the state Senate last year.

Democrat John Flannery of Arlington, who is running against Wolf, has raised $207,723. He had $34,750 cash on hand and showed $56,859 in debts and obligations. Flannery has lent $50,700 to his campaign to win Virginia's 10th Congressional District, which stretches from Arlington, across northern Fairfax, to Loudoun County.

In Maryland, Republican Albert Ceccone, who is opposing Barnes in the 8th District, which includes parts of Montgomery and Howard counties, has raised $10,100. Republican John E. Ritchie, who is trying to unseat Hoyer in Maryland's 5th District, which includes most of Prince George's County, has raised $7,800.