A Prince William County construction company has submitted a plan to clean and close a landfill in response to a county suit alleging failure to clean up an illegal landfill near a Coles District construction site.

The plan was submitted by Battlefield Construction Co., one of the county's largest home builders, to the Department of Development Administration and is being reviewed this week by Administrator William McGovern. If McGovern approves the plan it will most likely become part of a circuit court order, according to Deputy County Attorney Stephen MacIsaac.

Because the case is in litigation, details of the plan could not be disclosed, but Battlefield corporate officer Mary Ann Ghadban said the company's plan had been approved orally by the department.

The landfill site contains stumps, roots and other construction debris, MacIsaac said. The county, after complaints from residents, asked Battlefield to stop dumping on the site, which backs up to several $145,000 homes in the Riverview subdivision. Clean fill dirt was brought to the site and it appeared that Battlefield was cooperating, MacIsaac said. Then, he said, they started dumping again. An illegal landfill is a violation of the zoning code as well as the health code, he said. The county attorney's office filed suit against Battlefield in circuit court in late September.