George Mason University's most recent display of its commitment to the arts, a group of works ranging from traditional to modern and called "Art From the Corporate Collections in Northern Virginia," is on view in the Fenwick Library.

AT&T, Mobil and TRW are among the eight contributors that have taken paintings from their buildings and lent them to the university. They include works by Alexander Calder and Salvatore Dali and Washington artists such as Carol Summers and Sam Gilliam.

The show is hung on high brick walls on the second floor of the library and in the small gallery space adjacent to studying students.

In the past, George Mason has focused on the sciences and public policy. According to spokeswoman Michelle LeSane, the long-term goals of the university now include strong emphasis on the arts.

Construction of a new cultural center is scheduled to begin within five years.

Joanne Johnson, wife of the president of the university, has been the force behind getting corporate support for the arts.

George Mason, located in Fairfax County where hundreds of corporations have offices, wants to build mutually beneficial relationships with its neighbors, Johnson says.

Johnson sees corporate involvement with the school as a good-neighbor arrangement.

"These corporations are not only sharing private works with the public but they are also helping George Mason grow as a cultural milieu for the area and their employes," she said.

Johnson explained that "with the show and the upcoming arts gala, we want the faculty and students here to realize that these corporations are interested in more than high technology. They have a genuine concern for the arts."

The college holds an arts gala each year to raise funds for the next year's arts events.

In addition to an art show, the institution has commissioned two outdoor sculptures.

"Corporations Collections" closes Dec. 17. Other Events:

Ai-Wen Wu Kratz opens a collection of drawings at the Emerson Gallery today. For details call 356-6799.

The Fairlington Players present "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" Nov. 2, 3,4, 9 and 10. For details call 558-2161.

The McLean Center Theatre presents "The Ghost Train" Nov. 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10. For details call 281-8780.