A Loudoun County School Board committee has recommended that teachers receive an 11 percent salary increase for the 1985-86 school year.

In making its recommendation to Superintendent Robert E. Butt, who is expected to include the suggested raise in the budget he will present to the board early next year, the Compensation Committee also recommended a 9 percent raise for all classified personnel, and a 7 percent raise for school administrators.

Compensation Committee chairman Leonard Warner of the Dulles District told fellow board members last week that the proposed increases would cost an estimated $3.3 million in the next school year.

The current year's budget for salaries and fringe benefits is $32.4 million.

Warner said the recommendation follows an "evolutionary process of at least a decade" to raise the quality of teaching by bringing Loudoun teachers' salaries closer to those of teachers in neighboring counties. "The higher the quality, the higher must be the reward," he said.

"I think the population would not tolerate going backward, and the only alternative to going backward, as I see it, is to go the other way," Warner said.

"In making this recommendation to the superintendent, we are dead serious. We don't see it as a bargaining point. We see it as something that must be done and we present it in that fashion, not as a hope but as a must."

Committee member Robert C. Lucas, representing the Sterling District, said the county needs to "continue the march down the road to enhancing education, and to be willing to pay for it."

Loudoun teachers in the current year received a 10 percent overall salary increase.

The Compensation Committee had recommended a 15 percent raise, which was proposed in the School Board's budget. But during the budget process, the Board of Supervisors told the School Board it would not approve a raise above 10 percent.

The proposed 11 percent increase for next year includes cost of living, step and all other built-in increases.

The recommendation for raising administrators' salaries by 7 percent does not apply to the superintendent or the four assistant superintendents' salaries, which are set by the School Board.