The Manassas City Council has denied a request to rezone a 106-acre tract of land off Godwin Drive to accommodate a mobile home park.

Residents had opposed the project, citing possible school overcrowding and an increased strain on city services.

The vote to deny the request was unanimous, but, according to council member John Weber, "Everybody had a different reason for voting no."

"I'm not against affordable housing," Weber said. "I just don't think that a mobile home park is an appropriate use of an industrial site. It could create friction between homeowners and the industries already in the area."

He has asked the planning commission to determine if there is another, more appropriate site for a mobile home park in the city, Weber said.

Work on the Rte. 234 pass under the Southern Railways track in Manassas, a $4 million project slated for completion last summer, is 62 percent finished, according to David Ogle, Virginia highway department resident engineer in Manassas.

The city is funding 5 percent of the project and must pay 5 percent of any overrun over which the contractor has no control.

Delays on the project have cost the city $2,000. Delays were incurred when the contractor discovered that the subsoil, believed to be solid rock, was loose soil.