A 16-year-old Alexandria youth was indicted yesterday in the death of a 16-year-old Cameron Valley neighbor last August.

An Alexandria grand jury indicted Anthony Talbert of 70 Yale Dr. in the stabbing death of Terrance Lamont Penick of 137 Williams St.

According to Penick's mother, Shirley, the two Hammond Junior High School students used to ride the school bus together.

Police have charged Talbert with stabbing Penick in the back about 10 p.m. on Aug. 19 as he played dice with a few friends on the 100 block of Belvior Street, just north of the Capital Beltway in Alexandria.

Penick was prounounced dead an hour later in Alexandria Hospital, according to the police report.

Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge Joseph L. Peters Jr. ruled last week that Talbert, who was 15 at the time of the slaying, will stand trial as an adult in Alexandria Circuit Court.

The stiffest sentence he could have received in juvenile court would have held him in a detention center until his 21st birthday.

"I'm delighted they're trying Talbert as an adult," said Shirley Penick.

The two youths had known each other a few years, she said, adding: "They used to have small squabbles. I'd hear them in the house. But nothing to kill someone over."

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Richard Mendelson said that a trial date for Talbert, who is being held without bond at a Northern Virginia detention home, will be set Nov. 13.