Yesterday's Virginia Weekly incorrectly identified Barry Johnson as the only Johnson on the Herndon High School football team. Bryant Johnson is a running back on the Herndon team.

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Win or lose, that name has appeared in the Herndon football game summary every time the Hornets have played this fall. No matter how Herndon scores, defensively or offensively, the name Johnson comes into print.

A glance at Herndon's roster lists the name Johnson in four categories: wide receiver, tight end, safety and field goal kicker, and more impressively, the positions are played by only one Johnson, Barry Johnson.

"Many people read the paper and become somewhat confused when they see 'Johnson 2 run (Johnson kick),'" said the 6-foot-3, 180-pound Johnson. "I must admit that I would be confused, too, if I saw Johnson was the one that scored and kicked the extra point. But I'm the only Johnson."

Johnson, a junior, played primarily as a kicker last season, but this year has been a major factor for Herndon. The Hornets are 5-4 overall, but 5-1 and tied for first place with Madison and South Lakes , in Virginia's Great Falls District. Johnson will try to kick, catch and tackle Herndon to victory Friday against visiting South Lakes in a game that will help decide the Great Falls champion.

Two weeks ago, Johnson's name appeared six times in the Herndon summary in a 19-0 victory that should have read Johnson 19, Washington-Lee 0.

Johnson scored all Herndon's points -- on field goals of 35 and 29 yards, a pass interception for a touchdown, a 20-yard scoring reception and an extra-point kick.

"That was a memorable moment," said Johnson. "It's not often you can play a football game and score all the points. Those are rare happenings. I've never seen it done before, but anything's possible."

"He can do it all," said Herndon Coach Don Noll. "He's our all-purpose any position player. As a receiver, he runs excellent pass patterns, has great hands and knows how to get open. He's always alert. And as a kicker, he's consistent and strong. He could probably play quarterback, running back and linebacker, too. But I'm happy at the positions he playing now."

At the moment, Johnson is No. 1 in the Northern Region in scoring with 78 points, more than half of Herndon's total production of 152. His closest opponents are T.C. Willams running back Bren Lowery and end Shawn McNeil, who each have 72 points.

As a receiver, Johnson has 36 receptions for 730 yards and seven touchdowns, all leading figures in the Great Falls District.

As a soccer-style field goal kicker, he has excellent range. Against Marshall last Friday, Johnson kicked his personal best, a 47-yarder, breaking his previous high of 45 set earlier in the year. It is also the longest of any field goal kicker in the Northern Virginia area. Johnson also connected on field goals of 42 and 32 yards in the Marshall contest. On the year, Johnson has kicked six field goals with only one miss and is 11 of 15 on extra-point attempts.

Starting as a defensive back, Johnson's one interception resulted in a touchdown.

"I think I've had a great season as a receiver and kicker," said Johnson. "But as receiver I've been very consistent and running good patterns and I don't have to worry about Keith (quarterback Moody) getting me the ball. (Moody has thrown for over 1,000 yards and 12 touchdowns.) He's accurate and has a strong arm. But then again, I've been consistent as a kicker too.

"It would be nice though to be selected as an all-league player as both a receiver and kicker," Johnson continued. "Then people could read my name in another column instead of the box score."