Last week, in recalling a movie's local premiere aboard a streetcar parked at Georgia and Alaska avenues NW years ago, we asked if any Metro Scene readers could identify a film that starred Hedy Lamarr as a Russian trolley operator and Clark Gable as her American suitor.

The first to provide the correct answer was Dorothy Kaeuber of Hyattsville. The film was "Comrade X," released in 1940 by MGM. (But credit also must go to Ellen Savage, wife of former Capital Transit maintenance chief Alfred E. Savage, who was the source of the item, for her recollection of the title as Al was relating it to me.)

James Fahs of Fairfax, who spent childhood years in Silver Spring during World War II, contradicted Savage's remembrance that the Georgia and Alaska trolley loop was built as late as 1945. It was there, Fahs said, as early as 1941. Savage now agrees. And if you can take one more bit of trolley trivia: John E. Merriken of Columbia says that, before the loop was built, the Georgia Avenue trolley line did not end, as we said, in a stub in the middle of the street: "Actually, it terminated in Maryland against the sidewalk on the east side of the street . . . a remnant of the line that once ran . . . through Silver Spring to Forest Glen," and was abandoned in 1927.