Ollin Crawford, the 26-year-old Laurel woman previously charged with two of six "grenade lady" robberies in the area, was charged yesterday in all of the related robberies that occurred in Fairfax County.

A Fairfax County grand jury indicted Crawford on four counts of bank robbery and one count of attempted robbery in the incidents, which include the two robberies she originally was charged with.

No charges have been brought in a sixth robbery, which took place in Montgomery County.

More than $10,000 was taken in the Fairfax County robberies, which took place beginning Aug. 23, prosecutors said. Crawford's trial is set for Dec. 11 on the Fairfax charges.

The six robberies attracted widespread attention because they were committed by a poised, unmasked woman who claimed to be carrying a hand grenade. The woman managed to elude capture by police for two months, despite one of the most intensive bank robbery investigations in the county's history.

Crawford was arrested at her home Oct. 25, after a citizen's tip to police. None of the money stolen from the banks has been recovered, and a search of Crawford's residence did not uncover a grenade, according to police.

"There is sufficient evidence to believe she committed all five crimes," deputy Fairfax prosecutor V. Britt Richardson said after yesterday's indictments. He said he will seek to have all five cases tried together.

Crawford's attorney, Barbara Kimble, said yesterday she had no comment on the indictments, but said she will seek to have each of the five charges tried separately.

Crawford currently is jailed on $50,000 bond, and Kimble said she will seek to have the bond reduced.

At a preliminary hearing last week, two tellers from banks that were robbed testified that Crawford was the woman who presented them with a note claiming to have a grenade and demanding money.

One of those tellers testified he gave Crawford $850. The second said he gave her $1,800.