The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics certified the Nov. 6 election results yesterday and declared Carol Schwartz the official winner of an at-large seat on the City Council.

While the unofficial returns indicated that Schwartz was the apparent winner of one of the two at-large council seats, the election board had to complete its count of absentee and special ballots to determine whether the write-in campaign conducted by City Council member Jerry A. Moore Jr. (R-At-Large) would have an impact on the outcome of the race.

The results certified yesterday indicated that the maximum number of write-in votes that any candidate could receive in the at-large race was 43,693, which is 10,089 votes fewer than Schwartz received.

Emmett H. Fremaux Jr., the election board's executive director, noted that it is unlikely that all of the write-in votes were for the same candidate and that no count will be done to see how many votes Moore actually received.

The elections board also noted that 218,566 District residents, 77.5 percent of those registered, voted in the general election. Earlier this month, a preliminary study conducted by the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate reported that nationwide 72.4 percent of those registered voted.