Coaches at Ballou and Coolidge high schools have suggested the Interhigh League soccer season be moved from the fall to the spring to promote greater student participation.

Presently, only schools in Northern Virginia play soccer in the spring.

For the past few years, the Interhigh schools have had trouble finding coaches and getting enough of their students to try out for fall soccer.

This fall, only Ballou and Coolidge in the league played the sport. Bilingual and Wilson dropped out before league play started and played as independents. McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt were unable to find coaches.

But both McKinley and Roosevelt had at least 11 boys who wanted to play, according to their athletic directors. Ballou defeated Coolidge twice to win the league title.

"I'm in favor of it. It will encourage the basketball, football and cross country coaches to use soccer to support their sports," said Ballou Coach Clarence Taylor.

"The kids will already have their physicals and insurance (from their fall sports)," said Taylor. "The kids who play football and basketball, members of the band and ROTC have expressed interest in playing soccer at Ballou."

"I think it would be great. The weather would be great for it. It's a good idea and it would be unique," said Coolidge Coach Arthur Riddle, who also serves as athletic director.

"It has good merit," said Otto Jordan, the Interhigh's director of athletics. "It may help our situation. I haven't gotten around to talking about it to the coaches." Jordan said that he may spend the spring trying to solve the coaching situation.

A move to the spring could persuade Eastern, Dunbar and Spingarn -- schools that at one time had soccer programs -- to rejoin the league.

Frank Parks, Spingarn's athletic director, said there's a possibilty the Green Wave will take up soccer again if the sport is moved to the spring. Spingarn, under Coach Cecil McKenzie, dominated Interhigh soccer for years.