Rebel, the Prince George's County police dog that investigators said was stabbed by Michael Sluby, 18, shortly before the youth was fatally shot last month by a county police officer, died of stab wounds, an autopsy has determined.

John W. Karr, an attorney for the Sluby family, said the autopsy showed that the dog had been stabbed once in the back and once in the flank. "That was consistent with what the police had said," Karr conceded.

Karr had requested the autopsy because he contended that if Sluby had stabbed the animal, Sluby's body would have shown more serious injuries than the minor scratch found. Karr said he was informed of the autopsy results by Dr. James Luke, of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, which performed the procedure.

Sluby and a friend, Candace Craig, tripped a silent alarm when, police reported, they broke into a vacant junior high school building early Oct. 26.

Sluby was shot twice by Officer Joseph Wing, who said the youth stabbed Rebel and then advanced on him with a knife in a darkened classroom. Craig pleaded guilty in Prince George's County district court last week to breaking and entering in the incident.