The following actions were taken at Monday night's meeting of the Montgomery County Board of Education. For further information, call the board office at 279-3617.

STATE FUNDING: The board approved a $44.2 million request that will be made to the state for school construction and renovations. The request will go to the County Council and must be sent to the state by Dec. 7.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: The board voted to require an additional credit in math and one credit in fine arts for high school graduation, increasing the total credit required for graduation to 22. In the past, students have been required to take two credits in math; fine arts courses were not required for graduation. The new requirements will be implemented next September to apply first to the class that graduates in 1989.

DRUG AWARENESS: The board voted to use $6,000 to set up two additional drug and alcohol awareness training workshops in Wheaton and Damascus and to maintain existing school and community drug awareness programs. School personnel, clergy, police, parents and students participate in the workshops, which cover the pharmacological aspects of drug and alcohol abuse and addition as a family disease.

REFUGEE STUDENTS: The board approved the use of $70,034 in state funds for 2 1/2 teacher positions for refugee student bilingual programs for 10 months. The resolution will go the Montgomery County Council for action.

VOCATIONAL EDUCATION: The 24-member Citizens Advisory Committee for Career and Vocational Education recommended that the board require all students to take one course in a career or vocational subject. The group urged to board to encourage peer and cummunity recognition of outstanding vocational students, and to evalute the success of the existing Edison Career Center at Wheaton High School when planning for the future upcounty vocational center.

SCHOOL FACILITIES: The board awarded a $304,319 contract to Orndorff & Spaid Inc. for a reroofing project at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac.