A federal court jury awarded $25,000 to an Arlington couple yesterday for damage to their home by an exterminating company, but rejected their claim for $20 million for personal injuries that the couple claimed resulted from the faulty application of pesticide.

The award by a U.S. District Court jury in Alexandria was half the amount the company, Terminix International Inc., had offered the couple last month in an unsuccessful effort to settle the case out of court.

The suit by Steve and Anna Sami stemmed from the May 1982 application of a pesticide to control termites in the basement of their home at 3900 N. 17th St.

The couple argued that as a result of the application of the pesticide aldrin, their basement remains "unoccupied and uninhabitable."

Sami, who operates an export-import business, also testified that chemical contamination of the home makes him experience vomiting, disorientation, depression, blurred vision, lack of appetite and loss of sleep.

The couple sought $10 million each for damages and personal injuries.

Fred Alexander, the attorney for Terminix, said yesterday: "Our position from the start was that there was nothing wrong" with the application.

He also contended that the chemical involved was not dangerous and "there couldn't have been the slightest injury" to the couple.

The Samis said they moved out of their $107,000 brick house in June 1982 after a heavy rainstorm caused basement flooding that dislodged plugs covering holes that were drilled to apply pesticide in the walls.

According to court papers, the Samis have been staying with relatives in Falls Church.