'I don't know what it is about Dalecarlia Parkway . . . ," my caller began. "I do," I said. "It's straight. It has no signals on it. It seldom has any cops on it. Speeders' heaven."

Some heaven. My caller had just had a scary experience on this road, which cuts through the woods in Upper Northwest between Massachusetts Avenue and Loughboro Road. Her story contains lessons for all of us who happen to see an impatient nut behind the wheel -- and who among us hasn't?

My caller was ambling along Dalecarlia at the speed limit when, with a whoosh, somebody passed her on the right. "I had an eerie feeling that he was about to be in an accident," my caller said.

Sure enough, not 30 seconds later, my caller came upon a three-car wreck. The driver who had passed her on the right was in one of the cars.

Wait a minute. Was he? For sure?

"I couldn't be absolutely certain because I hadn't taken note of the license number, the make, the model, even the color of the car," my caller said. "I didn't even bother with telling the police what I'd seen because I knew I'd be useless as a witness."

If you'd like to be sure that a guy who causes an accident gets the blame he deserves, be a noticer. Was that speeding car a Pinto or a Pontiac? Was it blue or beige? Your eyes can do us all some good.