U.S. attorney's transcripts of two of 10 telephone calls received at George Rosenkranz's hotel room at the Sheraton as monitored by the FBI:

Call 1. July 20, 1984. 8:20 a.m.

George Rosenkranz: Hello.

Unknown caller identified in court yesterday as Dennis Moss : Hello, is this Mr. Rosenkranz?

Rosenkranz: Yes, who's calling?

Moss: You've got till 2 o'clock to get $1 million or your wife is dead, okay?

Rosenkranz: Ahhh . . . .

Moss: 2 o'clock, we'll be calling back.

Rosenkranz: It is . . . hello?

Call 3. July 21, 1984. 12:47 a.m.

George Rosenkranz: Hello.

Edith Rosenkranz: Hello.

George: Yes?

Edith: Darling.

George: Chuhi! (Spanish term of endearment.)

Edith: Listen carefully.

George: I listen carefully.

Edith: I, I'm all right.

George: You're all right.

Edith: And you, but please follow the instructions they give you.

George: Follow the instructions they give me.

Edith: And, ahhh, don't let the authorities follow you.

George: Don't let the authorities follow me.

Edith: They are going to, ahhh, count the money, everything is all right.

George: Yes.

Edith: And if everything is all right, they are going to release me.

George: Yes, now, what are the instructions?

Edith: And if not, I'm, I'm in trouble.

George: Yes, darling, don't, don't you worry, everything, everything will be done as it should be done.

Edith: I, I love you.

George: I love you.

Edith: And the children.

George: And the children are here with me.

Edith: I love you.

George: I love you. Now, what are the instructions?

Edith: One moment.

George: Tell me.

Dial tone.