Members of the University Park Pet Owners Association, angered by the recent passage of a town ordinance tightening controls on dogs, are attempting to have it put to a town vote.

The 100-member association objects to a requirement that dogs be kept on leashes of no more than eight feet and that owners must clean up after them on all public property.

To suspend the ordinance, the group must gather signatures from at least 20 percent of the town's registered voters, or about 300 residents, by next Thursday, when the ordinance is to go into effect. It would then be put on the ballot as a referendum in the next town election in May.

Association president Ed McGehrin said earlier this week that 200 signatures had been collected.

McGehrin said the group wants the ordinance, which is tougher than Prince George's County law, changed to make owners responsible for their dogs on public property without having to keep them on leashes.

"The way the ordinance stands now, it does not allow for ball or Frisbee playing or other playful activity with pets," McGehrin said.

Council member Beverly Mills said she introduced the ordinance because of complaints about dogs defecating on private and public property.

Mills said she surveyed her ward and found that residents approved of the ordinance 5 to 1.