Arlington police said yesterday they had seized more than $1,000 in cash, "eight packets of gold bars," gold jewelry, gambling records and telephone books in weekend searches of two homes as part of a investigation of a suspected sports betting ring.

The searches were prompted by evidence seized in October raids on nine businesses and homes in Arlington and Fairfax counties, according to an affidavit signed by Detective Mark McMahan of the vice control unit and filed in Arlington Circuit Court as the justification for search warrants.

After those raids, three men and a woman were indicted by an Arlington grand jury on charges of conducting an illegal gambling operation and conspiracy to conduct an illegal gambling operation.

The weekend searches of a home at 3658 Vacation La. and an apartment at 1007 Quebec St. capped a five-month investigation of an alleged sports betting ring in Northern Virginia's Vietnamese community, according to McMahan, who said, "I think we have for the most part wrapped it up." McMahan said

The affidavit said a device was used with court authorization to record the numbers of telephones where calls to the two residences originated on days when college and professional football games were played.

No charges were filed as a result of the searches, police said, and evidence seized in them will be examined by an Arlington grand jury later this month.