Agriculture's Economic Research Service has openings for financial economists, Grade 12 and GM (merit pay) 13. Call Chris Early on 447-7148.

Navy Yard is looking for computer specialists, GS 12. Civil service status required. Call 433-4967.

Environmental Protecton Agency needs a chemical engineer, GS 5 through 9, and a clerk-typist, GS 3/4 or clerk-steno, GS 3/4/5. Call Jackie Wilkerson on 382-2835.

Army has an opening for a GS 11/12 training program specialist. Status required. Call Mike Pollack at 695-2589.

Energy Department wants a secretary-steno, GS 5/6, and two secretaries (typing), GS 6. Call Paula Ponton on 252-8560.

Patent and Trademark Office needs a contract specialist, GS 11/12/13. Status required. Call 557-3631.

National Park Service is looking for a GM 13 supervisory labor relations specialist, and a GS 9/11 labor relations specialist. Status. Call 426-6654. NPS also wants a supervisory personnel staffing specialist, GM 13. Call 426-6717.

Internal Revenue Service has 25 openings for COBOL programmer analysts, GS 9/12. Call Lucy Smith on 535-4463.

Maritime Administration needs a GS 6/7 secretary-steno. Status. Call 382-0421.

Naval Medical Command wants a GM 13 supervisory electronics engineer, and a GS 12 communications specialist. Call Janet Fuller at 295-1420.