It is time for some tolerance in Bethesda.

Pauline Perry of Chevy Chase broke her ankle a few weeks ago. Soon after the mishap, she obtained a 90-day handicapped parking permit from the Maryland state government, which she has displayed inside her windshield every time she has used a handicapped-only parking space.

However, because her handicap isn't permanent, Pauline doesn't have handicapped license plates. Therein hangs a misunderstanding -- and a tale.

Pauline parked at the Westwood Shopping Center one day late last month. When she returned from shopping, she found the following note under her windshield wiper:

"You are an inconsiderate, selfish ass!!!

"You are illegally parked in a handicapped zone. Why don't you park in a legal parking place next time, and walk the extra 50 ft. or so? Or else you might find a few flat tires when you return, instead of this note. These parking places were put here for a specific reason, and not for lazy jerks like you who only think of yourselves and not others."

I have no idea who you are, Mr. or Ms. Noteleaver. But I hope you will recognize your peerless prose, and recognize, too, how silly it makes you look. Then I hope you'll resolve to look through the windshields of cars that are using handicapped spaces, and not just at their tags.